Shots Fired: DMX Says He Ain’t Never Sucked A D-ck In His Life!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Ummmm DMX recently had a pretty interesting rant on stage about people telling and living their truths.

During the truth rant, DMX revealed that he had never sucked a d-ck in his life. Ummmm we would like to think a heterosexual rapper hasn’t.

Perhaps Earl is exposing some of your favorite rappers or some of these music executive/industry cats. He could even be saying that he’s not about that kissing a-s or doing anything to get on or make it life either.

We’ve all heard some pretty interesting stories about the alleged sexual escapades of your favorite rappers and favorite executives. DMX sounds like he has heard, seen, or knows quite a deal about the industry since he came onto the scene in the 90s.

Who do you think DMX had in mind when he made this statement?