Should Kanye Have Married Kim? A Rapper Says “No!”

Kanye West

Kanye West should not have married Kim K? Who would dare say that? Rappers! Peep the video and who is behind this!

One thing about the West Coast is they don’t hold their tongue for anybody. You have to love it! Also, the West Coast has maintained most of their core principles and sound as well. I love it. New York City should definitely take note to the way the other side holds down the virtues of their culture.

Now, let’s get to this video. This is not exactly a new song, but I have to give it some light because it is a hot video. Glasses Malone is pushing the envelope and pushing buttons as he is known to do. His new video called “Kanye should have never married that chick “is really dope. I know that the title is sensational, and it is by design supposed to get a response from people. But past that it is actually a great song.