SIGNS: President Biden’s Dog Removed From White House Over Excessive “Biting” Incidents

Imagine getting your ass bit by a dog at The White house—come to find out it’s President Biden’s pup!

The First Dog of the White House, President Joe Biden’s two-year-old German Shepard, apparently had to be removed from the West Wing.

The pup, Commander, was allegedly the culprit responsible for a string of biting incidents involving staff members and Secret Service agents. According to Secret Service reports, Commander has been confirmed to have bitten at least 12 people—however multiple other sources have indicated that the actual number of victims could vary and be much higher. A report from The Daily Mail alleges that one of the biting incidents was so severe that the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

This is reportedly the second dog under Biden’s care to be removed from the Oval Office during active administration. Rest assured, though, as reports detail that Commander has already been successfully re-homed. Biting 12 different individuals is crazy, to be honest. Anyways, check out more on the story below.