SIGNS: Army Of Gay Escorts After Sen. Lindsey Graham!

Signs The World Is Coming To An End…Anti-gay politician Lindsey Graham has ARMY of gay male escorts coming for his ass, and a Utah coach gets booted for being good at recruiting “n##gers!”

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(AllHipHop Rumors) Between gay prostitutes and multiple uses of racial slurs, it’s a bad weekend to be a hypocritical old white men!

Earlier today, Senator Lindsey Graham was reportedly outed for hiring gay male escorts- a shocking allegation considering he has lobbied most of his career against LGBTQ rights.

The allegation came from a male escort named Sean Harding, who Graham is suspected of hiring in 2013.

Graham’s alleged alias “Lady G” has been trending on Twitter all day.

Also in 2013, Utah defensive coordinator and one-time golden boy Morgan Scalley allegedly sent multiple uses of the n-word in text messages, including statements such as being “good at recruiting [N-word]” and “I can recruit all four of those [N-words].”

Scalley has been suspended indefinitely following an internal investigation.

As often happens in these situations, it didn’t take long for others to paint a picture of Scalley as a well-known hypocrite- publicly preaching Mormon ideals and family values while also using racially degrading terms towards players and non-white staff.

As the United States enters its second week of unrest following the protests stemming from George Floyd’s murder, former players and staff have used this story to share experiences with Scalley that they have kept hidden for multiple years for fear of retribution. Some statements include:

“I, too, was called a racial slur (N-word) by this man in 2008, confronted him my senior year 2013. Held onto it 5 years and Got a half-ass apology, more on terms of an excuse” @spotlightlacy

“Wowwww!!!!!! I F’n knew it!!!!!! And what u mean “men of color?”. See the truth always comes out. F that Utah was crazy, I seen some s##t!!!! And my teammates know wassup. Let’s see if Saftey Pride gone speak up and be honest.” @SeanSmith24

In addition to treating players poorly, other sources claim that Scalley treated non-Mormon coaches and staff poorly, insulting their personal beliefs, religions, lifestyles, and even spouse choices.

Perhaps the most interesting parallel between the Scalley and Graham stories is that rumors have been swirling online that their respective bosses played a part in the leak.

Some say that President Trump leaked the Graham story while coach Kyle Whittingham appears to have distanced himself from the disgraced Scalley before the media broke the news.

Scalley was reportedly next in line for Whittingham’s job.

However, Whittingham appears to show no signs of leaving, and the void filled by Scalley could go to any number of Whittingham’s loyal staff including his brother, although that does not appear likely.

More likely scenarios include the promotion of a current non-white Utah coach.

Top contenders include Lewis Powell (Pacific Islander), Guy Holladay (black), Robert Blechen (Iranian/Hispanic), or Sione Po’uha (Pacific Islander).

Perhaps @jeff_AAUte sums it up best with the following:

“Hate to say it but there is no way Morgan Scalley can continue to be a part of the Utah program. Can’t be tolerated by a coach and a mentor.”

Racism has no place in politics- especially in a time when America needs strong leadership on the field and in the senate.