Soulja Boy Shares A Pretty Self-Incriminating #MannequinChallenge


(AllHipHop Rumors) It’s all fun and games until the cops come knocking!

Soulja Boy had to just put a pretty self-incriminating spin on his version of the #MannequinChallenge.

I mean drugs and guns just all out posted on the ‘gram. Then the song in the video talks about using lean and molly.

I swear these rappers can be so socially irresponsible.

Moving on, despite the fact that Soulja Boy currently has a reputation of being “a fraud” right now after TMZ blasted him for allegedly fronting like he bought a $6 million dollar penthouse (that was really a Airbnb rental), and him charging fans $100 to follow them, Soulja Boy is still here to help you with some get rich quick scheme.

He posted an Instagram post reminiscent of all the Instagram spammers and scammers’ posts with a caption that read,

“Trying to make some money? Hit my dm. Serious business only. Don’t hit my dm if you playing.”

Would you take him up on his offer/opportunity? Soulja must have someone’s police force or the DEA on payroll because he stays posting reckless shhhh. Carry on!