Stetsasonic Is Back, But Where’s Frukwan?


Stetasonic has reunited after 30 years and they have some good music in 2022! But fans are asking about a single missing member. Illseed gets at it.

Stetsasonic is back!

The legendary band of Hip-Hop, Stetsasonic, is back and they have another incredible song to profess their greatness audibly. It has been roughly 30 years since we last heard from Stetsasonic which is really crazy because their influence can be seen all around us. Most people regard The Roots as the Hip-Hop band of note, but that’s not really true at all. Stetsasonic was a Hip-Hop band through and through and they pre-dated The Roots by several years. Brooklyn born and raised, the crew was highly impactful back in the day and they were even thought leaders on a number of levels.

Daddy-O was the lead rapper, in my opinion at least, and he seem to be the spokesperson as well. I am not fully sure, but I think that he pushed this reunion. Daddy-O has never been one to bite his tongue and he has always been active in Hip Hop. The others, notably Principal, have been active as well in different degrees. Anyway, I know why you’re here.

There is a new song by Stetsasonic called “Here We Go Again.” It’s a smooth jam that will likely be played at cookouts a lot if they promote it properly. I really like this song and it truly shows a return to form for the OG‘s of Hip Hop. But, hard-core Stetsasonic fans like myself are looking at the lineup and it is missing one person. Frukwan. Now, Frukwan is actually a really dope MC. You may remember that he was a part of the iconic group the Gravediggaz with the RZA Wu-Tang Clan and his Stet brother Prince Paul. He maintained a life in Hip-Hop after Stetsasonic became defunct. And still does since they have reunited.

So, here we go again. Last year, and I don’t know all the details, but an incident happened. Stetsasonic was scheduled to perform in Brooklyn and frukwan assaulted Daddy-O. It wasn’t like he beat him down or anything, but it was a physical confrontation. It is my understanding that that confrontation resulted in a permanent expungement of Frukwan. I don’t know if that status has changed, but we have noted that he is not present on any of the new material from Stetsasonic. I think if there was some vocals, they were removed.

Things happen folks! There was some other friction before that happened but those hands was the end. I hope they get it back together but if not, time moves on.

Frukwan addressed it briefly in the comments of one of his social media posts.

Hopefully we continue to see the Older Gods (OGs) cranking out dope music and really pushing the line to allow people to understand that rap is not only for young people, just because it is a relatively young art form.

And shout out to Stetsasonic for making that grand return with incredibly good music.

By the way, this is my favorite song of their comeback. This goes hard.

Here’s a couple refresher songs.

They were also on the front lines of those dissing Hip-Hop.

They did this in honor of Basquiat!

Lastly, they participated in the Stop The Violence Movement, led by KRS-1 and Boogie Down Productions.