Summer Walker Responds To People “Roasting” Her Newborn Baby

Were people roasting her child? You judge!

Summer Walker is catching a lot of hell right now. Summer heat! I am not usually one to jump in on peoples’ parenting or how they raise their kids. But, the Internet IS talking and therefore we’re going to listen. So, it seems like Summer Walker is out there showing her baby. Remember, she and her boyfriend London On Da Track gave their child a Instagram page before the kid was even born.They already brought people into the situation from the get-go. Well, now they have opened up what they feed the baby in the mix as well.

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I have not fully investigated all of this but a lot of people are concerned with Summer Walker’s baby because she is allegedly feeding her some form of hemp baby formula. Being that I am not a parent I’m certainly not going to weigh in on the nutritional merits of this stuff, but it seems like a bad idea. Some have noted the size of the babies legs and the nutritional value of this particular mixture. I again do not know what I am seeing fully,  it looks like it is hemp seeds, honey and some other stuff.

Now, Summer Walker has already responded to the criticism in a post she put back on Instagram. She claims that the fans were roasting her child, but I don’t actually think that is the case. I think they are genuinely concerned but she did not really addressed the concerns directly. She simply felt like they were attacking her and a baby that they could not even see.

Check out what she said.