Surviving Dr. Dre: Michel’le To Pen A Tell-All & Collab With Oprah?


Michel’le’s Lifetime biopic, ‘Surviving Compton’ seems to be opening a lot of doors for the singer.

The television movie has caused quite an uproar since the weekend as it depicts Hip Hop mogul Dr. Dre beating the brakes off of Michel’le the entire film.

Rumor has it that Michel’le may be gearing up to pen a tell-all book about her life with some pretty juicy details surrounding Ruthless Records and Death Row.

Oprah has also summoned Michel’le, so this could possibly mean one of two things. Either Iyanla Vanzant is about to fix Michel’le’s still very much troubled life, or Mother O will have Michel’le join her on the couch for an in-depth interview.

Michel’le revealed that Dr. Dre gave her 5 black eyes and even shot at her. Judging her interviews, Michel’le still has some growing to do; she should see a psychiatrist.

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