Did T.I. Cop This $80K Car For Bernice Burgos?


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wait a minute! Is Tip already dropping those coins on Bernice?

Naw man! Say it ain’t so! Well nothing says “New Life; who dis?” like a new car.

I guess that Instagram modeling and hosting really paid off for Bernice Burgos, or T.I. decided to gift his alleged side chick with a new black Range Rover.

Burgos took to Instagram to show off her new car, and of course fans wondered if it’s a gift from the “Trouble Man” himself.

It was definitely an all black everything moment as Bernice was dressed in all black attire to match her new whip.

Although Bernice is a baddie in the face and body, some feel like she’s a downgrade from Tiny because she seems so dang-on basic and airhead-ish, and because Tiny held Tip down, had a real career, and was his WIFE!

T.I. hasn’t said much about Bernice, but he has made it clear that he is tired of fan and hater input about his pending divorce.

Rumor has it that Bernice was the one that finally made Tip respond to/accept the divorce papers on April 24th as she was tired of the flack she was getting for being the side chick!

Is Bernice an upgrade or downgrade from Tiny?!