T.I. Dragged Into Iggy Azalea’s Legal Trouble


Photo by Kevin Winter/ Getty Images

Apparently T.I. has been dragged into the legal battle between Iggy Azalea and her ex-husband Hefe Wine over her unreleased music with the rapper. T.I. is allegedly to be called to testify in the courtroom. Iggy Azalea and Wine have been battling in court over several unreleased songs recorded by the rapper. She accused him of stealing her music and then trying to sell the music, despite him not having the rights to the songs. Hefe says she signed away her rights years ago and he should be allowed to sell the unreleased tracks. According to court documents filed on April 27th, Iggy’s ex has informed the court he will be calling rapper T.I. to the stand to question him about his deal with the rapper.

Source: The Jasmine Brand