T.I. Laughs At Accusers Attempt At Getting An Apology


T.I. is confident enough to laugh at Sabrina.

T.I. is not playing with his accusers. I know a lot of people may think he did some wrong with all these accusations against him. However, the Atlanta mogul is not letting up in his stance that he is completely innocent on all the charges levied against him and his wife tiny. But he is now taking his views public, in both social media and music.

In the latest development, Sabrina Peterson has said that she would accept an apology from the trap king. In an unexpected turn of events, albeit humorously, T.I. responded with a meme that said it all.

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And Tiny commented.

If for some reason you didn’t get it, know that T.I. is basically saying that he is not apologizing to Sabrina Peterson. This woman is the number one reason why there have been dozens of accusations against T.I. and his wife Tiny Harris, going from sexual assault, rape, drugging infractions and more. In an interview she suggested she would just drop it all if the power couple apologized publicly. Previously, she had accuse T.I. of putting a gun to her head in front of her kids, some thing T.I. has denied. Honestly, this is kind of ridiculous, but it seems like maybe the case against T.I. is losing a little steam. Last time I checked, an apology was just a bunch of words, it wasn’t money or justice. Also, if T.I. is actually innocent the way he claims, there is no reason for him to apologize. That would only suggest strongly that he was guilty, which he maintains steadfastly that he is not. Even if he did apologize to Sabrina, that would open the floodgates of speculation to his innocence or guilt in all the other cases. It could be a legal nightmare, either way. But the use of social media is getting more and more interesting.

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