Tekashi 69 Almost Gets Into Fight With A Boxer!

Tekashi 69 6ix9ine

Tekashi 69 is making news and it doesn’t seem like he wants it.

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Just when you thought the world’s biggest rap snitch was gone, he’s back! Shout out to Tekashi 69! He has successfully done what nobody else has done and that is rat, but live to have a pretty successful rap career!  The dude was recently making it rain in a Miami club just like Jeezy used to do! While he is throwing that funny money in the air, he seemed to be poking at boxer Gervonta Davis, who is a world-class champion. 69 was there with his girl and a small crew. Davis and he had some sort of interaction and then things escalated.

It was at this time that 69 started to “rain” on Davis with money, but in a seemingly aggressive way. Normally, that means you are about to get money! But not to a baller like Gervonta Davis! He already PAID, B.  There’s not a lot to say, other than Davis addressed it on socials – kinda. He said, “Snitchk” on IG Stories.

I thought this was a Wolverine reference…you know “Snikt”…

But nahhhhhhh….It looks like “Snitch” with a typo. And then he said, “You get hit for just being around a mf… but who am I!” Not sure what that means, but I think he felt it was best to stay away. At any rate, 69 has not been active on social media and has not commented about the whole thing. This could be a sign! maybe he’s maturing or just laying low. either way, I think it is for the best that he chill and let thing run their course. 

Here is the interaction.

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