Terrance Williams, Birdman’s Bro, Teases Post-Release Parley!

Cash Money Records boss Birdman

Gangsta Home!

The Lord works in mysterious ways. So, regardless of the exact reasons, to receive freedom following years of incarceration is a definite blessing. Accordingly, Terrance Williams, Birdman’s bro, teases a post-release parley!

Overall, for his previous actions, the youngest Williams brother gives the Feds over 23 years of his life. Consequently, while “rehabilitating” Terrance witnesses the evolution of Cash Money Records. Thus, the juxtaposition of accumulating wealth versus vanishing years, may resonate with the original Hot Boy.

To illustrate, Gangsta’s actions earns him legendary street credibility. In other words, at an early age he purportedly leaps off the porch. Of course, many rumors may still be swirling about the money.

Additionally, beaucoup of folks believe that Terrance Williams helps his family. Accordingly, they attest that from his illicit proceedings his big brothers — Slim and Baby — receives over $100,000.

Be that as it may, at the time, the Louisiana native continues to push the line. However, a popular saying stipulates that when one plays stupid games he wins stupid prizes. Unfortunately, Birdman’s baby brother scores a huge hit.

For example, “court records show [Gangsta] was plotting to kill a group of New York drug dealers in New Orleans to get paid for heroin they’d shipped by mail when the feds intercepted the package and listened as Williams hatched a murder plan.”

With this in mind, Williams wins a Draconian prison sentence. Correspondingly, he is hit with the heavy burden of Life plus 20 years. Eventually, things get interesting.

So, maybe by fortifying his faith — and perhaps some other more helpful tactics — God’s child receives favor. Then, all of a sudden his sentence drops to 27.5 years. Then — BAM — the breakthrough!

Notably, the top of 2022 completely transforms his circumstances. So, on Jan. 3, he begins to sing songs of freedom. That’s right, at 47 Mr. Terrance Williams rejoins society.

“I would like to address the critics,” Williams begins. “First of all, I [did] 23 years and 10 months. I apologize to you all if you thought I was gonna die in prison. I’m too shrewd, smart. However, I plan to answer all these questions that a lot of you social media guys, internet gangstas [that] had something to say about me.”

From there, he confides, “The interview coming soon, just be patient.” In essence, he adds, “But right now, I’m enjoying life…I don’t have to worry about standing up for count, I don’t have to worry about lockdown, I could eat what I want, I’m living; it’s all good.”