The Game Saves A Woman From Committing Suicide!


The Game is known more for his clap backs and boxer photos on social media these days than anything else. Fans recently got a chance to see a different side of the rapper on social media as he encouraged a young woman not to commit suicide…….well in a very interesting way. The young woman asked Game if he had any motivational words for someone having suicidal thoughts, to which Game replied saying,

“If you kill yourself you’re dumb. Suck it up & get what you need to get done. We all have low points, n yes we could kill ourselves n rid ourselves of the pain or stress, but f-ck that. Only the strong survive. So G the f-ck up & overcome this obstacle so we can get back to living life baby girl. You’re black & beautiful & within the lines of those 2 words lies a strength that on you possess.”

Game went on to say the woman woke up today with a more positive outlook on her life, and to him that’s dope because sometimes all it takes is a little push in a happier direction from someone who cares. It’s nice to see Game lend his support to someone in need.

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