Tiffany Haddish Is Dead Serious About “Flo Jo” Flick!

Tiffany Haddish and Flo Jo

Tiffany Haddish is looking for that career-changing role!

Tiffany Haddish often has a hard way in this game. The female comedian has been the source of numerous criticisms, jokes and dragging‘s throughout the years. However I have to say that she has overall been extremely positive and very helpful to her fellow comedians as well as navigating through these treacherous waters. Additionally, she’s dating a hot commodity in Common, one of my favorite artists.

Now, Tiffany Haddish has taken on the daunting task of playing Florence Griffith Joyner a.k.a. Flo Jo in the first movie to chronicle her life and times. The movie, which is presently untitled, will cover her life from beginning to her uneventful end. I hope it also addresses some of the false rumors that were circulating about her death. But that’s neither here nor there, I know it’s going to be covered. Tiffany Haddish has decided to take on this role not only spearheading it but starring in it as Flo Jo. Honestly, I don’t quite see it because they don’t favor at all to me. Flo Joe was such an extraordinary beautiful woman and athletic as well.

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Be extremely clear, I am not saying that Tiffany Haddish is not beautiful, but they are different. Flo Joe was more of a goddess in terms of sports, merely based on her physicality coupled with her natural good looks.

Sources tell me Tiffany Haddish is taking this role extremely serious, from the actual story, to being up to looking like Flo Jo. She is doing everything, and I do mean everything to fit the profile. She is gonna try to get that body that Flo Jo had! If I had to compare this role to someone else, based on what I have been told, I would have to say that she is most likely going to be on par with Jamie Foxx in “Ray.” “Ray” was an amazing breakout performance for Jamie Foxx, and this stands to be the same thing for Tiffany Haddish if she does it right.

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My sources also tell me that Tiffany Haddish also understands the gravity of the matter. That people love this Olympic runner and ALSO want to see her do a great job. Anybody that does not want to see her do it Will have to just get over it.


Flojos, un estilo de vida poco comprendido