Tory Lanez Almost Died In Accident, He Said

Tory Lanez is back in headlines…for nearly dying!

Tory Lanez says he almost died in a car accident. The rapper even suggested that it may have been done intentionally. In a recent post on Instagram rapper Tory Lanez, also known as the guy accused of shooting Megan Thee Stallion, was involved in a car accident that he says nearly killed him.

There isn’t a whole lot to this, but the rapper was in an Uber and was going about his merry way when another vehicle hit him. The accident looks visually bad, but I have to admit, based on the damage to the car they were in, it does not look like they were going to die. At any rate, that’s what he said. The other car, actually looks like it is in worse shape than Tory Lanez his car. It was buckled up near the side of the road at a gas station.

Some people may feel glee at the idea that Tory Lanez almost died. Other people have jokes, stating that maybe Meygan Thee Stallion was driving the other vehicle. But I have no real opinion or anything to say other than, it is what it is. I don’t think there was a hit on Tory Lanez in an Uber, despite what the Canadian wordsmith may say.

I think he should be thanking his lucky stars that he was not seriously injured, because he thinks he may have died. That is what you call a blessing. Tory is still the subject of much controversy, thanks to the ordeal with Megan Thee Stallion. She continues to maintain that he shot her, and he continues to maintain his innocence. However, a new video with the baby may have been in poor taste with his gratuitous use of guns. Even though it there’s no resemblance to what allegedly happen with him and Megan, it just seems to be out of line if you want to be framed as an innocent man.

And on that note I am going to mind my business for a few. Y’all have a great Thursday!

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