Toya Wright Claims Lil Wayne Wants That Old Thing Back!


Papa Lil Wayne was certainly a rolling stone if you’ve kept up with his girlfriends, flings, fiancees, and baby mamas, however there is nothing like one’s first love.

Lil Wayne’s ex-wife Toya Wright is claiming that Lil Wayne wants that old thing back despite the fact that Wayne is engaged to his fiancee Dhea.

As we know Toya was never over Wayne even when she married Memphitz. She just was tired of some of his ways and felt it was time to move on.

Their daughter, Reginae, may have hinted at the reunion of her parents when she posted a post on Instagram with the caption, “SorryNotSorry” a few weeks ago.

In Toya’s new book, ‘In My Own Words…MY Reality,’ Toya lets reader know a little bit of information about some text messages she’s been receiving from Wayne.

According to Toya, Lil Wayne reached out to her saying she’ll always be his true love, and that she is the perfect woman.

He allegedly said in a text,

“I want you to know that no matter what woman or relationship I involve myself with, I look for you or a piece of you inside that woman.”

“My definition of a perfect woman is you. Perfect mother, friend, and love. You’re perfect. Sweet but sexy, crazy but cool, mean but modest and if no one knows you, I do,” said Wayne.

Wayne talks about Toya in his book ‘Gone Til November’ also. He says he envisions the perfect life being him having his perfect dream family that includes Toya and his first child Reginae.

Rumor has it that Wayne apparently will get himself together just for her.

So apparently it’s Wayne poetry and magic stick that have all of these women going crazy. Got it. Do you think Toya should give Wayne another chance? Do you think they’ll get back together. After all, rumors spread that they were messing around again when Toya was spotted on Tour with Lil’ Wayne’s last tour run.