Troy Ave Affiliate Takes Shots At Mysonne & Casanova


(AllHipHop Rumors) Can’t we all just get along!

Well, at least Troy Ave’s friends are going hard for him as the New York rapper is still getting clowned for his Tupac comparisons and alleged fake persona.

B$B member Avon Blocksdale has definitely come to defend Ave amid the ‘NuPac’ backlash.

“NuPac” has already experienced a bit of misfortune with being shot on multiple occasions. It certainly doesn’t help that people take his rap career as a joke also.

Blocksdale recently took to Instagram to not only support Troy’s forthcoming release, but he also took a minute to fire off some direct shots at some of Ave’s enemies.

Casanova had already publicly ripped Troy Ave apart for his forthcoming ‘NuPac’ project and for calling himself the second coming of Tupac, so it’s to no one’s surprise that someone in the camp was rubbed the wrong way about it.

Avon basically said that it’s going to be some problems after ‘NuPac’ is released.

“Mysonne p-ssy, assonva dead p-ssy Hovian dead p-ssy Lito p-ssy!!! #Nupac #Blocko B$B.. Stand next to my enemy you are my enemy.”

We really don’t need any more violence in these streetz, so let’s just hope that this stays on the tracks and on social media. How are you feeling about Troy Ave’s “I Ain’t Mad Atcha” single and these beefs?–Qj4Ow/