Troy Ave Tosses A Bomb At Casanova

Troy Ave

Troy Ave is doing his thing and giving it to Casanova…

It looks like Troy Ave IS back and he’s coming back in full force. The rapper, known for shooting at the Irving Plaza venue in New York City, continues to make waves in the rap world. Now, if you remember,  claimed self-defense in the shooting. In that shooting, somebody was killed and the result was podcast Taxstone in jail. Honestly, I don’t remember all the details. The shooting was caught on tape…

So presently Troy Avenue is still claiming self-defense and faces his charges of attempted murder during said shoot out. RIP BANGA. Troy have is still an artist though and he’s got a new project called “Kill Or Be Killed.” Say a lot, right? The project is causing quite a bit of ruckus because it goes directly at Casanova on the single artwork called ASSANOVA. On that single, it has a gorilla with a rat’s head on it & tail with a clown nose and a Casanova chain around the neck. It’s not any mystery who he’s talking about. On his Instagram he promoted the single with some of the bars.

“Casanova crying folks he jus settin up stage to tell
How the f## u crying broke wit jus 90 days in a cell
U sold ya soul for protection
They ain’t protect u to swell
Damn caswell
U the blood they extort on
Dont make me retrieve da paperwork that u wrote on
Can’t get a visit from None of them rappers Dick’s u rode on”


His social media following met this turn of events with mixed commentary. Some people say that he’s being super petty and immature and contradicting his more or less positive outlook on life engaging in this type of pettiness. And others accused him of being ridiculously aggressive towards a guy that’s already in jail. Well in his defense, he was saying things when Casanova was out in the streets, but I don’t think most people cared so much as they do now. I could be wrong but that’s just what I think. Also I believe Casanova had some things to say to Troy when he was in his shooting situation. I gotta admit…this is working a little bit because I’m actually going to go listen to the new album from Troy Avenue, just to see exactly what he’s talking about. I can’t lie, the promo got me hyped because it’s based on the 90s era of music soooo he’s done his job.

What Is Troy Ave Saying With This Comment…Casanova Related?