Ty Dolla $ign Weighs In On Meek Mill & The Game’s Internet Beef


Meek Mill has given Hip Hop fans two pretty entertaining rap beefs.

Celebrities and fans alike have been torn between both sides as far as Meek & Drake and Meek & The Game.

While many have decided to stay relatively quiet or neutral, people like Russell Simmons and Ty Dolla $ign have decided to speak out.

Many would like to see the two fight it out, and the sensible want to see peace between all parties.

As far as Ty Dolla $ign is concerned, no matter what happens, he believes they need to keep the beef off of the internet.

According to Ty Dolla, the two rappers should be able to speak to each other like men, and stop with the social media petty behavior and memes.

Ty told XXL,

“I think we all gangsters and we ain’t supposed to be on the internet with our sh*t. N*gg*s should have learned that a long a*s time ago. I feel like when it’s real sh*t, if it’s beef or whatever the f*ck they want to call it, n*gg*s should speak like men together. Everybody’s watching on the internet so why would you want to talk sh*t on the internet? I don’t do that with girls or anybody. Let’s just keep it adult.”

What are your thoughts? Do you agree with Ty? Have there been a lot of senseless beefs over the years and recently?