Tyga Plays Sick To Escape Debt Hearing


Jesus fix Tyga’s income, spending habits, and financial woes! We’ve heard about Tyga’s financial problems for at least two years now.

Just like Tyga’s former landlord wanted his money, Jason Of Beverly Hills is demanding that Tyga run them their jewelry coins immediately.

Tyga was forced into a hearing to prove that he has enough money to pay a $200K judgment that the jewelry company was awarded when Tyga refused to pay for a chain and watch he received from Jason’s back in 2013.

Jason Of Beverly Hills hired Boris Treason and Danny Abir, the same lawyers who got Tyga’s landlord their big settlement. The lawyers probably would’ve won again, until the hearing took an interesting plot twist when Tyga fell mysteriously ill.

At first Tyga was compliant with telling the lawyers about what he owns, owes, and his income, but when they began to go after his assets and the gifts he allegedly bought Kylie Jenner, the rapper became ill, claiming to have amnesia and claiming to be pretty confused.

Consequently, the hearing has been rescheduled for November 1, 2016. Tyga plays too much.