Tyga Shows The “Goods” On OnlyFans, Amber Rose Promises To Do It Too!


Tyga is still popular as a rapper, but it seems his real money is coming from OnlyFans.

Tyga went and did it. Just as Blac Chyna was revealed as the top seller on OnlyFans, with a whopping $20 million a month, Tyga isn’t about to be outdone. According to reports, he is showing all his goods in a recent  OnlyFans post. I literally don’t know how the platform works, but clearly people are making money. Tyga literally showed his private parts on OnlyFans in the interest of getting more subscribers to his channel.

I will spare you all the details, but the women are really going hard out there. I admit women are like “Don’t nobody wanna see that!” Tyga is 30-years old. I guess…he’s not about to start working at a bank. He’s gotta get this money! Now, I realize why he was trending on Twitter. I need to look at that whenever it happens.

Only Fans where amateur sex workers charge for adult content! I am thinking I wanna see Amber Rose or Trina. Like Tyga, Amber promises to show us everything! Whoo Whoo! In a promo video, Amber wore a tiny thong to hook us in. “Here’s a lil freebie hit the link to see EVERYTHING 🤤👅👀,” she said on IG. These people are pros!

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Amber is catching some slack, because she is the mother of two boys. These days, that does not matter…but it is something that gives some of us pause. She gotta get it how she lives. But, the internet is…giving her the business! The BUSYNESS!