Tyrese Explains In Detail How Tupac Haunted Him At Afeni’s House…


What is Tyrese talking about here? Well, you gotta see this.

Did Tupac Shakur visit Tyrese Gibson in the dark recesses of North Carolina back in the day? Tyrese tells an incredible, weird story about a time when he spent at Afeni Shakur’s ranch after her son Tupac died. 

To put this all in context, you have to understand a couple of things. First of all, Tyrese met Tupac one time. Secondly, Afeni Shakur was the godmother of his firstborn child. Last but not least, he talk directly to us about this whole thing in an exclusive interview with Chuck Creekmur.

I am not sure exactly what Tyrese is going for in this story but I find it quite interesting just in general. I do not believe that Tupac really haunted him in his dreams, but I think the story itself is quite interesting and Tyrese weaves a good one. However, it may go the wrong way if the right/wrong blogs pick it up because he sounds a bit crazy here! 

Check out the interview below and weigh in in the comment section.

By the way, Tyrese has a new song called “Legendary” and it’s actually very dope and speaks loudly to the situation that Black people are facing in America.