Tyrese's Ex-Wife Talks Years Of Abuse


Photo via Tyrese’s Instagram

Recently Tyrese made news for saying he felt his ex-wife would flee the country with their daughter; his ex-wife Norma has decided to speak out to MadameNoire.com about their relationship’s turmoil. She stated that Tyrese was both physically and emotionally abusive to her. She also says she felt extremely irresponsible for not speaking up for years when the Ray Rice incident emerged.

“I felt so irresponsible at that moment because I wasn’t taking responsibility as a woman and using my voice to perhaps alleviate those blows. It starts with words and then it becomes physical, but the words are what linger. The physical abuse heals quickly, but the emotional keeps coming back because you’re so unsure of yourself.”

She plans to start a women’s empowerment campaign to help build self-esteem and confidence in women who experience the same issues. She also says despite what Tyrese is telling the public, she has no intention on fleeing the country with their daughter as she would never take her daughter away from her father.

Tyrese stopped by the Breakfast club to talk about several things. He ended up also discussing getting 50% custody of his daughter, if he really felt like his ex-wife would kidnap their daughter and if he abused his ex-wife. Check out the video below.