VIDEO: Lizzo Slaps Her Bare Cakes On Social Media

Lizzo is shaking up the world, but this time it is with her cakes.

Lizzo s really one of the most interesting figures in the music game now, but she is more about challenging social norms. Right now, she may have some music out, but I would not know because she is too busy trolling the internet. Her body seems to be the main thing that gets people talking about her. She can drop a song and that last 24 hours, but we may be talking for days if she show’s us her bare a$$. Guess what she went and did? Showed her tail! And what a sight it is!

I might have to go to the bathroom! Lizzo just turns me on!

I am not sure what to think about her though. She really seems to be starving for any sort of attention. And then when the comments turn toxic, which they almost always do, she will be crying. Anyway, I hope she is happy, but not losing sight on what is most important, b.

What do you think?