OG Calls Out Wack100 And Calls Him The Superhead Of Hip-Hop!?!

Master P and Wack100

Master P and Wack100 have had some back and forth, but now the homies are stepping up in P’s defense.

Wack 100 has been called a number of things, but the “Superhead of Hip-Hop” is a new one!

First of all, let us establish a few things. Superhead is the alias of a woman Karrine Steffans. She is an incredible woman in so many ways, namely those of an oral sort. She is also an actress and some of you may have seen some of her films. She is also, most importantly, an author. She wrote the seminal work:

Amazon.com: Confessions of a Video Vixen: 9780060892487: Steffans, Karrine:  Books

Do you remember this masterpiece of content that shook up the entire world of R&B and Hip-Hop? And yet…not a single lawsuit. It holds up over time as one of the craziest moments in the game. Rappers were exposed, homes were broken and she was “out there” before you all thought of the word “thot.”

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So, for Big Court to call Wack 100 the “Superhead of Hip-Hop,” he gotta ask the question: WHY?

For the record, Big Court is down with Master P and is a certified, verified and undenied OG! In fact, as far as I am concerned, there’s only a few people that can speak about Wack in that way. Soooooo….here we go with “Holdin’ Court,” the podcast where the big dogs chop it up.

Around the 14 minutes mark, he talks about Master P and some of the stuff they did in the community. So, in this video I was told that he called him a “Superhead,” but I am not so sure he does. Also, they chastise the media for fanning the flames, but they need to check their homies and peers with the BS. The media mostly repeats or reports what is already going on. They cannot create what is not there. Check ya homies and yo’ self! And for the record, we have covered everything positive, Master P and the banking stuff, P and the sneakers, P and the food and more! Same with T.I., Dame, Killer Mike and so on and so on!! Lets get back to the music and the culture!

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I gotta say the podcast was cool, but I am not certain I can say its cool to mislead me on what that long convo was about!

On another note, Wack 100 got into it with some dude Meme100 (Lil Durk homie), but they just…doing too much on Clubhouse!