Wack 100 Discredits Tupac’s Gangsta Again!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wack 100 is back at it again with the Tupac disses!

The Tupac disrespect is a bit much!

An interview of Tupac’s former bodyguard OG Mob James explaining “what really happened to Tupac” has been floating around, and you know Wack 100 couldn’t wait to chime in on social media!

Mob says that if Tupac wouldn’t have been involving himself in so much chaos, and if Suge Knight would’ve put a stop to Tupac’s behavior, since he was an artist, Tupac would still be here.

Mob James claimed that when he knew he had so many people around him, his attitude changed, and he begin acting out.

Wack posted the video clip on his Instagram with the caption,

“Follower, Busta, part time hard ass n-ggas always get dealt with. 1 of me or 100 men with me 100 don’t change on nobody. West.”

When one of Wack’s followers accused him of always hating on Tupac, he definitely had a lot to say back!

“Clown facts are facts you n-ggas gone know that your favorite rapper didn’t run nothing out West but his mouth. Bottom line. The minute you n-ggas started pumping Pac was the West Pac ran the West was the minute Pandora’s box was opened. Leave me as a hell of a rapper all that other sh-t ain’t what it was,” said Wack.

It’s like why all of this Tupac hate from Wack years later.

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