Wack 100 & Funk Flex Get Checked By Tupac Relative Over Disrespect!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Wack 100 and Funk Flex are two disrespectful individuals.

As you know the Wackster and Flexer have been making some very disrespectful comments about the late, great rapper Tupac.

It’s unclear why Wack 100 is such a Tupac hater, but the man takes every chance he gets to discredit and disrespect Pac!

Now he’s gone way too far by disrespecting Tupac’s late mother, Afeni Shakur!

In a comment on Instagram Wack says,

“@H.emup274 you don’t know wtf Pac was taught keeping it real his mom was a dope fiend she wasn’t Harriet Tubman. You clowns talk this sh-t like dude was Malcolm X or some sh-t. He was a rapper that womanized, did drugs and preached violence. He was COMMON or X klan @9trayxxd this n-gga a clown.”

Apparently a member of Tupac’s family had had enough and had a mouthful to say to not only Wack but to Funk Flex as well!

“It’s hard not to pay these clowns like @funkflex and @wack100 any attention but the disrespect towards my family has been on steroids, you don’t have to like Pac or even be a fan of him but to disrespect him, his legacy and his mom Afeni by calling her a crack head is very disrespectful, I would never send a threat to someone on Ig other then I’m going to break both of you clown jaws when I catch you, @wack100 sense you like to keep it 100 like you claim, tell the people how you running from me, I know official dudes from your hood like my brother @g.principle tell the people how you refuse this duel with me, you and @funkflex have No street cred both you girls are ? you don’t know Pac you never in your life met Pac, you wasn’t around back then, you not active in your hood bro, stop acting like you Suge, he had money and you broke bum, #therealoutlaw #fadesrus #wack100 #clown #funkflexboymesswithtrannies

It’s about time someone said something man because Wack 100 and Funk Flex have been out-of-line for a minute! I don’t know how this situation will end up! I mean Wack and Flex are just flat out DISRESPECTFUL!


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