Wack 100 Says Game Is A Ghostwriter On 50 Cent’s ‘GRODT!’

Wack 100

What up, Gangsta?

As of late, Wack 100 seems to be transforming himself into a Hip-Hop “news” reporter. First, the gossip involves Pooh Shiesty and now Fifty is up for discussion. Ultimately, Wack 100 claims The Game’s pen is helpful. In fact, he insists the Left Coast lyricist is a ghostwriter on 50 Cent’s, Get Rich Or Die Tryin’.

Nearly, twenty years ago, 50 dropped his mainstream debut, GRODT. Since then, the project has earned respect and critically-acclaim. As a matter of fact, this effort helped to catapult the Queens lyricist to enduring longevity. In other words, Wack 100 — who aligns himself with talent — is questioning 50’s validity.

So, as of late, the provocative personality uses a Clubhouse address and drops a bomb. There he broaches the subject of 50’s purported claims. The industry heavyweight openly discusses allegations that The Game only wrote a portion of of his debut, The Documentary.

Instantly, The Game shoots down those fables. He contends, that his former boss merely wrote “what you heard him say on the record.” Additionally, Game asserts that he did not receive any other writing assistance.

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Soon, the established narrative completely changes. This is when the polarizing individual alleges a Hip-Hop taboo. “I’m going to speak on something [Game] don’t ever speak on,” he nonchalantly taunts. After, spitting the hook for “What Up Gangsta,” he chides, ” Who you think wrote that? I’m going to leave it alone.”

Press play and find out everything The Game and Wack 100 have to say.