Was Biggie Dissing Jay-Z On “Who Shot Ya”…A “Tupac Diss”


Was Biggie going at his old friend Jay-Z when he penned “Who Shot Ya”?

The common thought is that when Biggie wrote and released “Who Shot Ya,” he was going at Tupac Shakur. By this time, Pac was in jail and heard it and all hell broke loose. Stuff was already brewing when this happened, but it certainly added insult to injury, even if it was perception-wise. The song was not directed at Pac at all!

But…there’s more to the story apparently. It seems a 22-year old Biggie Smalls was so hungry at the time, he was trying to take out all the comp. This seemingly included his peers. Jay-Z was coming up at the time and there may have been more competitive-ness than we knew. PEEP what DJ Clark Kent said:

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We know what happened after Biggie died, Jay-Z soared.

Anyway, that boy Jay-Z ain’t been out there too prominent, but he sure is doing it on the business tip. His legend is swelling like crazy in that regard. Anyway, on the music side, somebody mashed Jay-Z with 90s rock gods Smashing Pumpkins. Check it out below.