Will Drake Put Kodak Black On His Next Album?


Photo via Drake’s Instagram

Drake seems to have a thing for cosigning new talent with a quote or dance video here and there. Drake posted a video dancing to Kodak Black’s “SKRT” last year. Although the video certainly brought more attention to Kodak, he says he wishes Drake was a little bit more direct with his cosign.

“I heard about that, but I ain’t know what that did. But I just know that’s Drake, so… You trying to show me you f### with me or what? We ain’t never talked on the phone though. I’m direct with it, so if you’re trying to show me that you f*ck with me, call me. Throw me on your album so I can get me some royalties.”

Do you want to see Kodak on ‘Views From The 6’? Do you think Drake would do a song with him?