Will Kanye West Try And Pocket Donated Money From His Run For President!?

What will Kanye West do with the money he’s made from donations?

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There is a crazy rumor out there right now that Kanye West is planning to keep and pocket the donations made to his failed presidential bid. But, is that even possible? Is that even possible, I ask?  I did a bit of research and it seems like that is not technically legal for him to do that. So it is highly unlikely that Kanye West will actually try to profit from his run for president.

But there is a catch!

Kanye does have options if he’s made any money? As far as I know, nobody would dare donate money to that guy. But there are some that have, I am sure. So what happens to the money?

If Kanye West wanted to keep the money there are a couple of ways he could do that. One legal way for him to take the ducketts is to donate it to his own church. Or school! Secondly, he could hold the money and use it for a future run at an elected office! He could also give the money to another person running for office somewhere, such as a Donald Trump!

By the way, these politicians have always don’t slimy stuff with their monies derived from their runs. For example, Chris Christie – a bloated covid patient, used his campaign money to defend himself in the Bridgegate fiasco.  Kanye may just hold it!

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Here’s another part of the rumor! I have already been told that Kanye West is looking to run for president again in 2024! Yes, he has not learned from his multiple failures in politics. I am not going to put anything past him so even though this is just a rumor I think that it is highly likely that he will run again because he is a tool of the Republican party at this point. He is the new Ross Perot! By the way, Kanye West claims to be worth $5 billion! I don’t know what to believe at this point.