Willie D Shades Unarmed Black Man Killed By The Cops…SEE WHY!

Willie D

Willie D does it again, but this time gives new meaning to the term “bar none.”

Legendary rapper Willie D of the Geto Boys is still one of the most outspoken people in the game. He is consistently hitting us with information, even stuff that we didn’t know about. Case in point, the death of Jonathan Price! First things first, I didn’t even know who Jonathan Price was until Willie D came into the picture, but he is a man that was killed by the cops in Texas. He is the latest black person to be killed by the cops, tragically. But he is a special case because he was very outspoken about Black Lives Matter and feeling as if a lot of this police brutality stuff was all inflated and exaggerated.

Willie D does not go easy on Price, even in death, because he went so hard at relieving the cops of their responsibility in Black death. Also, it looks as if a lot of people are speaking out in similar ways but it hasn’t stopped the protest from starting even if Price would’ve certainly not supported the death of another Black person. Even his friend said, “Oh no…this one is different…this is racism!” AS IF THE OTHERS WERE NOT.

Jonathan sadly didn’t really understand the reality of life in America. And I think perhaps his demeanor was because he was a football player. Now I know that sounds crazy but if you’ve ever seen the documentary about O.J. Simpson, you’ll have a little bit of a perspective from where I’m coming from. Football players, entertainers like Lil Wayne and Kanye West, come up a bit different after they have been brought into the welcoming arms of white America. They do not experience racism in the same man manner as your average everyday person. In fact, they may not experience it at all! I don’t know this guy priced all that well but it seems like he had views contingent on his own personal experience and not taking into account thousands of other people that have experienced otherwise.

Price tried to intervene in a dispute between a man and a woman (probably a white man and white woman, but we don’t know). He jumped in, the situation was resolved, but when the cops got on the scene an officer tased and then shot Jonathan. DEAD. That officer has since been arrested so you know it was an egregious act. He must’ve done something really bad to be arrested that quickly and charged!

Well Willie D lets it be known that this 31-year-old Price will not get the same sympathy as people like Breonna Taylor and George Floyd, basically because he was ignorant to the realities. Now he’s DEAD. Sad. 

Wake up.