Women Claims 50 Cent Awkwardly Rejected The Game At LA Nightclub


It’s been pretty clear that The Game has been going hardcore with his mission of peace all across the board.

This even includes squashing old beef with other artists, 50 Cent included.

The Game has expressed that he would like everyone to get along and that he rocks with 50, but is 50 all in?

Despite the fact that there is video showing 50 Cent & The Game peacefully talking in the Ace of Diamonds strip club recently, a woman in attendance claims that 50 Cent was rejecting The Game when he was trying to get into his booth.

The woman claims that even though The Game got on stage to squash their beef, 50 Cent didn’t get near The Game, and he was only concerned with throwing stacks.

She goes on to say that she couldn’t get back in the booth for a little while once she returned from the bathroom as security informed her that there had been an altercation between 50 & Game.

Could she be exaggerating, or is 50 still not here for The Game’s peace treaty yet?