WTF News: Justin Bieber Offered Pimp Apprenticeship at Nevada Brothel

A Nevada brothel owner wants Justin Bieber to join him for a pimp apprenticeship.

Dennis Hof, owner of the famous Moonlite Bunny Ranch brothel in Carson City, Nev., wants to give Justin Bieber a chance to become an “apprentice pimp” and his business partner. Hof claims that his intentions are to keep Bieber safe because he fears that the 19-year-old singer may have contracted a disease considering that he was recently spotted outside of a Brazilian Brothel, where he allegedly spent three hours before attempting to sneak out with two women in tow.

Via Huffington Post:

“He’s going downhil and we want to help him,” Hof said. “I know he’s from Canada, but his fan base is here, so I’d like him to buy American.”

He thinks the singer’s involvement in the Bunny Ranch could make legal prostitution more mainstream and even has a slogan ready: “Be a Belieber in safe sex.”

“It’s a personality-driven business. We want the young demographic he represents,” he said. “We are creating a special Bieber suite that includes posters, and all his albums on the CD player. Plus, all the visitors can take the bedsheet with them.”

It might seem that Beiber’s mostly female demographic isn’t likely to show much interest in visiting a brothel — even one endorsed by the singer — Hof disagrees.

“This isn’t your dad’s Bunny Ranch,” he said. “Ten to 12 percent of our business is from females.”

Bieber’s camp hasn’t publicly commented on his alleged Brazilian brothel visits, and it’s highly doubtful they will comment publicly about Hof’s business proposition.

That’s OK with Hof, who said discretion is a key component to his occupation.

“We have celebrities and politicians in and out of here on a weekly basis, and you don’t hear about any of them being spotted by paparazzi,” he said. “We have private and discreet entrances for them, and we never have to wrap any of them in bed sheets.”

If you didn’t know about Dennis Hof from the Bunny Ranch HBO show, just know that he’s a shrewd business man and extremely good at pimping. Careful Biebs.