WTF News: School Bus Driver Leaves Child on Bus and Goes to Zumba

A Houston school bus driver is in trouble after leaving a child behind and attending a Zumba class.

Not sure how it’s possible to forget about a child but it happened.

A school bus driver in Houston faces felony child endangerment charges after she accidentally left a child alone on a bus while she went to Zumba class.

Via Khou:

Administrators at Fonwood Early Childhood Center placed a call to the child’s parents to confirm the absence for the day, which is standard procedure. The child was supposed to be in school, however, arriving by Garcia Bus Co.

Authorities immediately began searching for the child, who was found unharmed inside the parked bus at a facility where Contreras was attending a workout session.

Contreras did not see the child on the bus when she dropped the other kids off at school and did not check the bus thoroughly before ending her route, according to investigators.

Her bail was set at $2,000.