WWE Goes At Griselda, Griselda Responds

Westside Gunn

Westside Gunn and the WWE seem on a collision course for a big legal beef.

The WWE has gone directly at Westside Gunn. The rapper is a known lover of the wrestling league, but their relationship is completely strained at this point. By the way, Westside was at the WWE wrestling match in New York City. That was crazy!

Now, this situation has been taken to the next level. Griselda records, which is owned by Westside, sas posted a copyright claim against them by the WWE. They seem genuinely upset at the retroactive claims. They even posted the notice on their social media. “Due to a copyright take down notice that we received, we had to take down the following videos from YouTube. Takedown issued by: WORLD WRESTLING ENTERTAINMENT, INC.,” it read. Griselda posted, “Retroactive copyright claims why!?! @WWE.”

Westside Gunn

It seems like this all seemingly started and deepened when Westside got into a toxic back-and-forth with Greg Hamilton, an announcer for the WWE. He called out Westside for using his tracks on various songs. He has since deleted those posts, but nothing is deleted in the Internet space. He said that Westside stole his voice and that he intended to take action.

Hee’s the plot twist:

Greg Hamilton got fired by the WWE in November.

So, what’s up with the legal action!

I’m not really sure why the got so upset about it because clearly the rapper is a lover of the WWE and has been intensely inspired by it! Hopefully, they can rectify the situation before it gets out of hand! However, takedowns are a serious deal and can suggest that there is a legal battle on the horizon. I hope not! That was some of Griselda’s best music and we certainly don’t want to have difficulty finding it. Not like the WWE cares about that, but it would suck if the fans suffer from this legal fracas.