Young Dolph Alleged Murderer Has Direct Blac Youngsta Ties?

Young Dolph

Anyone with a pair of lips and lungs will sing.

Back on November 17, Young Dolph, sustains multiple gun shot wounds. Eventually, on that same day, the King of Memphis passes away. Unfortunately, his wounds prove fatal. Currently, for his untimely murder, two men are under arrest and being charged. So, which one of Young Dolph’s alleged murder suspect’s has direct ties to Blac Youngsta?

The Offense

In fact, between both Paper Route Frank and Blac Youngsta there are multiple instances of acrimony. Furthermore, Blac Youngsta’s Heavy Camp artist — Lil Migo, also known as Adrious Smith — is allegedly related to Cornelius Smith. Of course, Mr. Smith’s name may sound familiar.

For one thing, in relation to the shooting death of Dolph Gabbana, he faces the charges of Murder I. However, under the direction of an esteemed criminal defense attorney he pleads not guilty. So, things are quickly growing more curious.

Previously, Smith was unable to retain counsel. Nonetheless, that is no longer an issue. Whereas, currently, he is being represented by the acclaimed Michael E. Scholl, this according to BET. Of course, this power move requires both great access and solid financial backing. So, just now is this individual — who allegedly is trying to silence the “Major” MC’s legacy — able to afford such expensive representaton?

As of late, Lil Migo has yet to earn platinum recording status. So, someone contact Sway. Then, please ask him how Cornelius Smith is able to retain Scholl’s services. Moreover, Justin Johnson — the other man being charged with Flippa’s murder — is receiving the counsel of a court appointed public pretender defender.

In other words, the historic feud between Mr. “1 Scale” and Blac Youngsta naturally arouses suspicion. Indeed, the culmination of these actions creates conjecture. Again, the Heavy Camp jefe notoriously gains the spotlight. Check out the diligent breakdowns that Poetik Flakko and King Ak Fortyseven offer.

The Response

TThrough his children and through his artistry, the legacy of Young Dolph will continue to be realized. Thoughts?