Young Thug-Inspired Rapper Kyyngg Begs Birdman To Unblock Him On Instagram


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Young Thug 2.0, rapper Kyyngg is a little bit bothered by the fact that Birdman blocked him on Instagram. The 21-year-old New Orleans rapper used the social network to ask his fans to send a message to Birdman to unblock him. Kyyngg said,

“Listen, I got a major problem this morning. I tried to click on, Birdman’s page and see what big homey been up to. And it was like my s**t said ‘blocked,’ like, I can’t click Bird’s page. So, I want all y’all ask Bird, just tell him Kyyngg want you to unblock him so he could, you know, show love and support, what he got going on? Tell that man unblock me, f**k all that! Big dawg, unblock me off that Instagram s**t!”

Maybe Birdman blocked Kyyngg because he was trying to do to Young Thug what Thug was trying to do to Lil’ Wayne. It also didn’t help that Kyyngg dropped a mixtape of the same name on the same day as Young Thug (‘Slime Season 3’). These rappers today. SMH.