Young Thug Reportedly Owes Millions!


(AllHipHop Rumors) Things aren’t looking so good for Thugger!

Apparently Young Thug’s former manager, Manny Halley, wasn’t lying when he said the rapper’s finances were messed up!

Halley previously claimed that Thugger was experiencing devastating debt so bad that he couldn’t even pay his light bill and cell phone bill.

There has been a lot of finger pointing on who is to blame, but Halley maintains that Thugger’s financial woes are a result of mismanaged money by David Weise and Associates!

Welp, according to this new lawsuit, Thugger’s money may be looking a bit low.

According to the AJC, Heritage Select Homes, LLC filed a lawsuit claiming that Young Thug owes more than $2.2 million in payments for his home in Atlanta’s Buckhead Heights neighborhood.

Apparently Thugger had an agreement on the home that include a promissory note with balloon payments to help document and clarify the terms of his loan since it’s designed to have one or more larger payments due at the end of the repayment period.

Under this balloon promissory note agreement, Thugger was reportedly scheduled to pay $86,500 on Oct. 19; $86,033 on Nov. 19; $150,567 on Dec. 19; and then two more payments of $14,667 in January and February.

On March 19, Thugger was supposed to pay a sum of $2,214,667 on the home, but Young Thug failed to make that payment, according to the lawsuit filed by Atlanta-based firm Knight Johnson, LLC.

Dang Thug, throw a house party and invite us fast in case you have to move. Thugger doesn’t seem too bothered though. He’s enjoying life as a easy, breezy, Thugger girl. Lawd.