5 & Done: Dave Ea$t


Innocence lost and faith regained through personal redemption, Dave Ea$t, possesses the poetic soul of a black rose. Lyrical symphonies derived from the corner to the collegiate classroom, his evolved perspective resonates with a universal appeal. Repping the east side of Harlem, he strives to utilize his talents and drive to create another Hip-Hop renaissance.

Black Rose, the latest offering from emerging MC is the proof. It clearly demonstrates that those who ensnarled by impoverished living conditions may transform compacted pain into a sustained meaningful existence.

AllHipHop.comFor the folks who are unfamiliar with your journey, who are you as a man and as an MC?

Dave Ea$t: As a man, I’m 100 percent; I’m loyal. It means that I don’t act like somebody that I’m not. I have no reason to lie to nobody. I keep it 100. As an MC, I’m different. I mean, I got an old soul, but I’m 26. I’m young, you know what I mean.  Of course, I’m going to have a new energy with me. But, I don’t listen to new n*ggas. So, my whole energy is based on what I came up on. You know—Jay [Z], Styles P, Biggie, Nas, [Jada]Kiss—you know, that’s what I came up on. So, that’s the energy that I rap with.

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AllHipHop.com: So far, from what I heard from you, the grittiness reminds me of Mobb Deep.

Dave Ea$t: It’s grimey—I f*ck with the Mobb. I’m in the ‘Bridge [Queensbridge] every other day. I got family in the ‘Bridge; so, I f*ck with the ‘Bridge heavy. Nas is the big homie. You know what I’m saying. I’m just not nobody—I don’t have to lie. A lot of people ask me, ‘Yo, how do you write so fast?’  ‘Cause it’s coming straight from my head—what I just saw, what I was doing yesterday. I’m not trying to create nothing, it’s coming straight from my head. I’m really in the streets. That’s the difference between me and a lot of rappers. I be outside. I’m in the studio, but I’m not no “studio rapper.” I go to the studio then I’m back outside. So, that’s why it sounds a little different.

AllHipHop.com: What best describes your voice as an MC; why do you feel compelled to share your art?

Dave Ea$t: Hungry! I feel like I just sound hungry—my voice, it sounds different because—I feel like my voice is strong. You know when it’s me on a record. The hunger is there. More than anything it’s Harlem; you hear it. If you’re from Uptown—if you’re from Harlem—then you know what I’m talking about. In the Rap game that’s what my voice is.

Honestly, because I feel like my story is different. A lot of sh*t goes on in my life that goes on in a lot of other people’s lives. There’s nobody talking about it. I feel like a lot of n*ggas are talking about the clubs, the cars the jewelry, and the girls. But what I’m talking about is the everyday –you gotta go to work, or you gotta go sell drugs—the regular person, I feel like they’re going to relate to me. That’s my voice in Hip-Hop.

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AllHipHop.com: Notable Hip-Hop proponents like, Sway and Shaheem Reid, respect both your words and your work-ethic. What factors motivated you to bring your musical aspiration to fruition?

Dave Ea$t: I think it’s just being outside every day and being able to talk on what’s going on. Nobody can really speak on what’s going on where I’m from. So, I feel like I’m the one. I feel like that’s my job to talk about what’s going on on the East side of Harlem. That’s the difference with me. I feel like I have to do that. I need to let people know what’s going on where I’m from. I feel like that story is that strong. As strong as a Dr. Dre or as a Snoop story is in L.A., I feel like my story is just as strong in the east side of Harlem.

AllHipHop.com: Your supporters believe you’re the new face of New York’s Hip-Hop. Which of your tracks best transcend that distinction and will be universally endorsed my Hip-Hop?

Dave Ea$t: Right now, I feel like any music that I make will have a New York sound to it. I’m from Harlem; so, you’re going to hear that in my music. I don’t want to be under the umbrella of being just a New York artist. That’s a great title, but I want a little more distinction than that. Black Rose is my most recent work. It shows how I’m feeling at this point in my life…

Just make sure that you download that. I put a lot of heart and soul into this tape. If you really want to hear the essence of New York City—the production, the stories with lyricism—all that I feel like you should definitely check it out. It’s definitely Harlem. It’s me; you can listen to that tape and get into my life. You’ll know all about me.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DCaE8wTNGA0&w=560&h=315]