Bullying: How Adults Handle It


“Don’t ever bully anyone. Just so you know, Karma has everybody’s address and a motherf*cking stamp.” – Lady Gaga


Man, bullies are some b*tches, for the most part.

The name of my group is The Invincible Bullies. We’re not b*tches. And, we tend to refer to ourselves as the bullies of the bullies.

Since the inception of the group a couple years ago, we’ve been taking note to the Anti-Bullying movement and felt like it was high time to comment on it. Why? Because of our group’s name! It has been a gift and a curse. We’ve gotten people’s attention in our short trek to the top, but also there has been some kick back too.

Let me run it down for those that may be confused. We represent what the bullied do when their backs are firmly planted on the wall. We fight back, which is contrary to the advice school children get.

My boy D. Ainger has been a producer and artist for the past few years. He’s done work with some of the greatest rappers on Earth, but you would know that. Why? Because there are these gotdamn middlemen that jump in and steal the credit. D clearly had some trust in them, but mostly chalked it up to the game. They continued to knock him around, essentially playing with his life and future. He couldn’t do it anymore as a man. He lashed out and was subsequently blackballed by the cowards that he gave hit songs too. SMH.

I can’t say too much about my boy Cataract, but its the same deal, different industry. He works with the youth in a system that supposed to be helping them, yet they don’t really want to help. As soon as he starts creating change with these kids, they throw their weight around.

I’ve had to go against bullies a good part of my life, mostly resorting to to fighting them. These days, you can’t do that. From what I understand, the kids are forbidden to fight their bullies or they get in trouble too. I won’t comment on the affairs of kids, since I have no kids. But, I will speak on how adults need to handle them.

There is no princiPAL to call when you are getting trounced about in real life. There is almost no alternative but to fight back. And, when I mean, fight….that generally does not mean putting your fist in somebody’s face and pummeling them. But metaphorically, its time for us to kick some a$$.

You can see it all over the place.

The Occupy Movement has firmly planted its position in cities all over the WORLD. People are not taking it. Hell, look at how the NBA owners are doing the players. Most of those ball players don’t get money like Kobe and LeBron. Obama keeps playing nice with the Republicans when we KNOW, he needs to let lose on those bill blockers.

In Hip-Hop, same thing. Slowly, but surely we are seeing the change that we want to be coming true. We see are witnessing the old departing and in with the new. New music, new thinking, new artists to propigate the flowing brains. Not, all is well, but its better than its every been. Our new EP, Camping In A Wasteland (dropping 11/11/11 like the rest of the rap world), says a lot. We’ve got Joell Ortiz and Young Chris on this one and the next one, we’ve already secured some of your favorites. Camping. In. A. Wasteland.

So,its time for us to continue to push forward with our movement…call it the 99% or revolution or an uprising. It doesn’t matter to me as long as we turn the tables and bully the bullies into leveling the playing field!


I want to thanks AllHipHop for letting me write this. Here are a few of our songs.

“Boom Boom” – Invincible Bullies featuring Joell Otiz
DOWNLOAD: The Invincible Bullies – Boom Boom f. Joell Ortiz

“Power (Inception Remix)” – Invincible Bullies f/ Felt Five

“Guns-N-Butter” – Invincible Bullies


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