An Inside Look into Alex Chen’s Incredible Journey in the Music Industry

Alex’s debut single, “I Have Been there,” was released in March 2020 on YouTube and was a huge hit.

The music industry has gifted the world many gems who have entertained not only audiences but also touched millions of hearts. All these musicians and artists have an unusual story to stardom that will inspire millions to follow their dreams. Alex Chen is one of them. The rising pop star and music producer has overcome a series of challenges in his life to achieve the position he’s in today. His story will motivate anyone to chase their goals, irrespective of their socio-economic background. 

Alex’s story begins during his childhood in Atlanta, where he grew up in a lower-middle-class family with three other siblings. His father was a factory worker who lost his job when Alex was only 10. Since then, his family has lived a life of poverty. His family shifted to a relative’s garage, where Alex stayed for most of his childhood. Alex used to sing in the local church choir, but that did nothing to help his family’s financial situation. At 15, Alex realized the many faults in the education system and dropped out of school to support his family. 

Alex started working several odd jobs to make ends meet. When he was 19, Alex saw one of his friends starting a business selling toys. With no further thought, he rented a shop and spent all his savings to start a toy store. The business failed miserably as Alex was only able to sell less than 30 products in the first three months. The failure was a huge setback in his career but came to him as a great lesson. Alex realized that his lack of knowledge, experience, and passion led him to failure. This motivated him to pursue a career in the music industry, something he has always been passionate about. 

While working as a pizza delivery boy during the day and as a janitor in the evening, Alex tried his best to support his passion. Besides earning a living, Alex managed to enroll in music school. His passion flamed his love for his studies, making him one of the fastest learners in the class. Within six months, Alex was able to play multiple musical instruments and also discovered his unique voice and pop style. To distinguish himself in the industry, Alex decided to differ from traditional genres and included subtle notes of EDM in his creations. 

Alex’s debut single, “I Have Been there,” was released in March 2020 on YouTube and was a huge hit. The song earned over 5 million views in the first three months, making Alex an overnight music sensation on social media. Through this song, Alex talked about real-life struggles, which resonated with many people and the circumstances the world was going through due to the outbreak of the pandemic. The success of his debut single was a great boost for Alex to scale up his career in the music industry. 

With his next release, “Ruined Not Broken,” in January 2021, Alex officially marked his entry into the industry. The song became a trending track on YouTube, Spotify, Apple Music, and Instagram. Alex started getting offers to perform live at popular shows and festivals across the country. 

Alex is currently focused on his upcoming debut album that he believes will connect with his fans on a deeper level. He wants to continue his journey in the music industry as an artist with a purpose. Alex feels that his songs have a message that touches people and soothes their aching hearts. This is where he feels accomplished as an artist.