Eli Eli Drops “Do The Karen” Video For All The Karens!

Eli Eli has arrived on the scene with a new song inspired by the “The Karen” controversy that is currently going viral in the news and on the web. The artist gave the track a hip-hop spin and a catchy flow, which really resonates with the audience on a deeper level!

Eli Eli is a new artist from Woodbridge, VA, who just came up with a brand new release, a brand new track titled “Karen”, which is actually inspired by the recent Karen challenge that’s sweeping up the nation and the media right now!

Musically, this song is very relevant because it represents a very current topic, but it is also a really good track in its own right. This particular release is a huge milestone for the artist, and it definitely marks an important step forward towards further solidifying his sound and vision. To put it in a different way, this song is pure fire, and it definitely burns a lot of the competition out there when it comes to up & coming rap music!

“Karen” is definitely a breath of much-needed fresh air, particularly in a genre such as modern rap. Everyone seems to be stuck in the same old cliches, and as a result, this particular music scene is becoming a little bit stale. However, every once in a while something fantastic and full of heart comes up, just like Eli Eli’s new release.

Download the single for Free here!


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