Embracing Change: Hip-Hop Artist Dylan Owen Shares “A Time to Move On”

Dylan Owen

New artist Dylan Owen drops a song about overcoming adversity with his new song “A Time to Move On.”

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Having to move out of your childhood home is something many can relate to… and accomplished Hip Hop artist Dylan Owen once again succeeds in using lyrics to paint pictures — this time of his experience letting go and starting anew.

His recent single “A Time To Move On” embraces new chapters as he reflects on the memories made in the house he once called a home. Never shying away from offering his listeners an intimate glimpse into his personal life, Dylan talks about all of the ‘firsts’ he experienced in that house: his first relationships, first heartbreak, and even the release of his very first songs as a Hip Hop artist. His lyrics tug at the heartstrings in a way that is fitting for the nostalgic energy we’re all feeling the end of 2020.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen from 2020, it’s change. Dylan welcomes change with open arms as he decorates the track with actual sound bytes recorded from when he moved out in an effort to invite fans in. “A Time To Move On” follows the success of his track “Bruises” featuring popular rapper Abhi the Nomad, as well as his appearance at the Manhattan Center’s Paste Sessions where he performed LIVE in front of a studio audience.

Dylan’s talents have also landed him successful sync placements with MTV and Syfy’s WWE Smackdown. His connection with his fans is what truly sets him apart; to this day, Dylan will interview fans online for his ‘Coffee with Dylan Owen’ series. Putting his fans first has proven his genuine gratitude for their support. “A Time to Move On” invites fans in as Dylan moves out to embrace new experiences and memories that will last him a lifetime.

“A Time to Move On” is available on all streaming platforms now!