How Luuk Halman Overcame a Lifetime of Challenge to Storm the Music Industry

Although depressed by the huge setback in his career, Luuk never gave up on his dreams. He knew his passion for music would find a way through digital media.

“Never give up” may just be a cliché phrase that people often hear or read. For people who have lived holding on to this phrase as the only ray of hope, life is bound to unfold with success in every corner. The real-life story of Luuk Halman is a perfect example here. Luuk is known for his unconventional pop and classic rock style, creating a distinct fan base in the industry. However, many of us may not be aware of the years of struggle that the artist has been through to accomplish his goals. 

Luuk was brought up by his grandparents as he was abandoned by his parents after their legal separation. His upbringing was nothing fancy, but things were never tight. Life took a sudden turn when both his grandparents passed away. Luuk was only 18 and still pursuing a college degree. With the little savings that his grandparents had left, Luuk was able to complete college but was clueless about his future. He was always passionate about music and wanted to pursue it for a living. 

At 21, Luuk was a broke graduate working multiple jobs just to survive. After slogging 16 hours a day, he hardly had any time to devote to honing his craft. As years passed, Luuk became more and more frustrated with his life because he found no job fulfilling. His lack of focus and financial insecurity eventually led to his divorce. These experiences led him to depression for a while until he rediscovered himself through music. It was then he realized his true passion and was able to fill the missing space in his life. 

Determined to be a musician, Luuk started working on his music. He was desperately looking for a job at small clubs or pubs that held live shows. Unfortunately, his unconventional style did not impress any club owners. After repeated rejections, Luuk decided to showcase his talent on social media. In 2019, Luuk launched his channel “Aching Melodies” with his debut single “Abandoned.” The song is a contemporary pop track with subtle undertones of classic rock. Luuk has poured out of all the pain, rejection, and abandonment he felt through the lyrics. His song instantly resonated with people around the world, earning it 2 million views in a month. 

The overwhelming response was the biggest boost Luuk needed to continue creating music. His next single, “Jilted,” was released on YouTube, Facebook, and Spotify in December 2019. The roaring success of his contemporary rock style officially marked his entry into the music industry. Luuk started getting offers to perform live at various events and music festivals. Just when he thought his career was about to take off, Luuk faced another grave challenge in his career: The onset of the pandemic postponed all live shows, leaving Luuk jobless for six months. 

Although depressed by the huge setback in his career, Luuk never gave up on his dreams. He knew his passion for music would find a way through digital media. Luuk returned with four back-to-back hit singles on his YouTube channel in 2020. Among them, “Bleeding soul” made it to number 12 on the iTunes music chart. Since then, Luuk has never looked back. 

Today, Luuk has 10 hit tracks to his name. His songs have been featured on billboard charts throughout 2021. Luuk is now on a mission to introduce a new form of rock, making people fall in love with his genre. The unique style that once brought him many rejections is now gaining him global recognition.