Johnny Quest the Rebel Drops “Addicted 2 Money”

NJ’s Johnny Quest the Rebel Releases His New Banger “Addicted 2 Money”

Hailing out of New Jersey, Johnny Quest the Rebel, is making headlines with his new video for “Addicted 2 Money.”

The Trenton native flipped the classic Bone Thugs hit “Foe Tha Love of Money” and made it his own, with assistance from producer BVTMAN. The video premiered on BET recently, making it a wave nationally.

With the title as it is, many would expect the song to feature images of cars, women, or material things that come with coveting money. Instead, fans will see mirrored images of the rapper – stressing about the obsession of it all. “Addicted 2 Money” is a look at money and value as a substance and finding comfort and refuge in them (to the point of obsession). The song turns into a self-made narrative of increasing personal value independent of external relationships, resources, and substances.

Now residing in Los Angeles, CA, Quest is on a mission to chase his dreams and keep people enlightened with his music.