NewMoney Quez- “Keep Going”

NewMoney Quez continues to make his mark!

(AllHipHop Music) NewMoney Quez, is a multifaceted, Hip Hop artist signed with Street Capital Entertainment who is set to take the music world by storm. 

Hailing from the streets of Atlanta, GA, NewMoney Quez is no stranger to struggle, disappointment or the grind.

Growing up in a single parent household, NewMoney Quez witnessed his mother struggle to provide for him and his 4 siblings.

With hopes of wanting more, NewMoney Quez quickly drew to wanting to make money, and quickly turned to the streets to help make ends meet for him and his family. 

Hustling became a way to make it for NewMoney Quez. He worked hard to hustle in the streets and keep his popularity playing football at a local Atlanta High School.

While never arrested, NewMoney Quez lost many people he loved to the streets. After being shot and nearly killed at the age of 16, NewMoney Quez knew it was time for something to change in his life. 

Music became his outlet and a way to make a major change in his life. 

Atlanta, GA quickly became Hip Hop’s hub in a major way

Since 2009, NewMoney Quez has used music as an outlet and opportunity to promote non-violence, anti-bullying and equality to the youth of Atlanta, GA. 

NewMoney Quez created the soundtrack for his outreach, “Stand for Something” that trended well.

 NMQ’s new debut project, ‘I WANT NEW MONEY FOREVER’ is hosted by DJ Montana

His grind didn’t stop in the streets. NewMoney Quez just transitioned the way he hustles to the music game.

Take a listen to his “Keep Going” single below.