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The Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch regularly lists at $249, but it’s dropping down 25% to just $185 for a limited time!

The range of products and technologies that are available to teach us about our exercise routines, and how our bodies respond to them, is growing by the second. With so much out there, it’s worth looking to proven brands with advanced capabilities, and to seek out enviable and attractive prices on their products. 

The Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch regularly lists at $249, but it’s dropping down 25% to just $185 for a limited time. Take advantage of this special deal and get the fitness guidance you need every day. A wearable GPS with health insights, smartphone notifications, payment capabilities, and a wealth of other functions — this smartwatch stands out from the pack for shoppers and fitness enthusiasts. 

A sleek and stylish watch, this Fitbit features a 1.42″ color touchscreen accented by a slate blue band and burnt orange case. Going well with the outdoors, and the minimalist-yet-refined aesthetic that fitness trends that we see across the world, the smartwatch is capable of so much. It offers multi-sport functionality, as well as traditional all-day activity tracking.

Equipped with a high-end collection of sensors, the watch looks out for your best interests with an optical heart rate monitor, built-in GPS, a 3-axis accelerator, altimeter, and a whole lot more. You’ll never be out of touch with your email, texts, and calls when wearing this smartwatch, which features smartphone notifications that show you call, text, and calendar notifications. 

For the actual exercising — the Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch comes equipped with a range of multi-sport modes to track specific workouts such as: running, lifting weights, and cycling. So you can throw on some music, your watch, and then take off to just about anywhere.

Tom’s Guide wrote, “With great battery life, sleep insights, mobile payments and a full slate of features coming with software updates, the Fitbit Ionic smartwatch almost has it all.”  We’d take it a step further and say it does have it all. The Fitbit Ionic GPS Fitness Smartwatch typically lists for $249 but is dropping 25% to $185 for a limited time. 

Fitbit Ionic™ GPS Fitness Smartwatch – $185

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