Who Are the Best Seed Breeders?

When buying cannabis seeds online. it is very important to pay attention to quality.

You may have many reasons to choose the best breeder to buy your seeds. The reasons can be everything from the credibility they have built up over many years to the simplicity and quality of their products. No one conducts direct surveys or commissions on product quality, one surveys on anonymous sites. These surveys have highlighted such producers:

  • Mephisto Genetics
  • Bodhi Seeds
  • In-House Genetics
  • ThugPug Genetics
  • Humboldt Seeds

You can find the perfect seeds from these producers on the popular Herbies service. You can easily buy cannabis seeds online thanks to advanced technology and logistics. It saves you from nervous journeys and long roads. Whatever you want, they’ll be delivered right to your home.

Why Is Selection So Important?

You probably want to get the best product possible when choosing any product. This is what breeding does. Thanks to the development of science and genetics, in particular, we understand the pattern of appearance of certain traits in subsequent generations, which we successfully use in breeding. Experienced breeders select only the best plants for breeding and subsequent sale of the resulting seeds.

The selection allows you to get seeds of many different species. They can release different chemicals, some will grow faster than others, and other species may differ only visually. Breeders have provided us with a wide range of products with different characteristics, so everyone can find something they like.


When buying goods it is very important to pay attention to quality. And the sign of quality is very often the reputation of the manufacturing company. Be sure to listen to the advice of your acquaintances and Internet friends. On the Herbies website, you can find the manufacturers you like and get your goods without worrying about shipping. An extensive selection and the highest level of service are already waiting for your order!